I believe that teaching is an extremely privileged profession. The ripple effects and impact an instructor can have on their students can extend from an individual’s personal growth to their holistic societal contribution.


My approach to post-secondary teaching combines theoretical understanding and conceptual analysis with professional practice in a creative and exploratory manner. Encouraging and fostering students to gain applied transferable skills is rooted in my teaching practice. Not only do I want my students to learn principles and gain expertise relevant to their field of study but also, and more importantly, apply overarching concepts to their daily lives.

Essentially, my aim as an instructor is to be a beacon or guide, provide insight, generate exchange of ideas, and aid students to reach their academic pursuits, professional objectives and personal goals. Using inclusive and participatory learning strategies, I passionately strive to nurture students’ creative and innovative ideas—encourage imagination and motivate action to affect positive change in the world.