• Leadership Initiative

    Students in the Bachelor of Creative Advertising (CABA) aim to strategically present meaningful messages using visuals and copy. One element that instinctively ties these two components together is typography. My leadership initiative is to encourage our students and faculty to identify, explore, discuss and even challenge the use of type in advertising through a blog. Students in my typography course created online entries that generated improved enthusiasm and recognition for type. The goal is to keep this online resource available to students and faculty to use as platform for exchange and reference. 

  • Educational Project

    My educational project was to convert a 4th year CABA course on Interactive Advertising to an online course. Some key insights garnered from the students’ feedback included the added flexibility to balance school and work in their last semester in the program and the fruitful online discussions generated on Blackboard throughout the term. Aspects for improvement to further this initiative include generating online videos to pair with the slideshows and greater diversity in the class project to promote greater in-depth exploration of interactive advertising.